Thursday, 6 June 2013

School Administrative Need Complete School Management Software

With good software’s you can turn any school management problem into an enjoyable task. aim is to provide the best Education Management Software to Schools, colleges or any other educational institution.

School Management System is large and dynamic database makes it amazingly simple to use and protects the smallest details of managing an excellent in an efficient way. Our software has awesome variety, which can easily cater to any school or institution. Small, medium or large size school the online school management software should be integrated management software.

EduWar is desktop application based on client server architecture. It covers entire School activities starting from “Admission process” to issuing “Transfer certificate” to student.

Specifically identify how each module is used in completing administrative duties. There various special purpose software modules in the average School. There are modules like the Student Accounting System, Student Management Systems, library and textbook accounting software, Time Management Software.
We provide more than 100 types of highly customizable reports for each of the above module.

EduWare School Management System is a complete solution for all educational establishments and is sure to give an impetus to the performance of the schools and all those using our software. It covers the daily school tasks such as Student Information, Staff Information, Fee Structure Accounting Management, SMS/Email Facility, and Creating Time Tables for both teachers and students. EduWare is having more than 100 reports into it in terms of Accounts, Student Results, Time Table, Fees Reports, GR Register, Student Information Report, etc…..

The software includes a number of reports available very easily and printable on any printer. EduWare will generate Report Card as per the format prescribed with the School logo that can be printed and will also be sent as PDF to every student and parent through email.

Our Online School Software makes your working smooth while saving about 90% of manual work, resulting into a hassle free and paper less management. Saving a lot of working hours directly means saving a lot of money through school automation software. With good software's you can turn any school management problem into an enjoyable task.

We offer installation, support, customization, implementation, integration, hosting and training services. It is an end-to–end solution to all your school administration problems. Our experts will train the clients and rest confident we have the Best Support System that will be at the beck and call of its clients, any hour. We are 100% efficient and believe in uncompromising moral requirements of loyalty and reliability.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Complete School Management Software

Friday, 12 April 2013

Dairy Milk Collection Software by Arthinfosoft

In India traditional practice of milk collection by Cooperative societies includes, accepting milk by volumes, test out fat content on electronic milk-o-tester and enter the data manually in the member's card within limited time of milk collection. This often results in unreliable data. To cater this problem, Arth Infosoft has developed a unique system to automize milk procurement operations of village milk cooperative society.

Secure Login

Easy Menu

Instant Data

The Automatic Milk Collection System provides several advantages over the traditional manual method which was time consuming which ultimately resulted loss to cooperative societies and individuals. The vision milk management speeds up the entire process, thereby reducing the spoilage of milk. Wait time for the farmers decreases from 45 to 10 minutes. Automation of the measurements eliminates the potential for milk purchasers to misrepresent the quality of the milk and cheat farmers out of a fair price.

Our System maintains the individual customer records and bill details on a daily basis. Customers may now receive instant bill details for their milk, rather than waiting for days as under the previous system.

Easy Account Management

The system is designed to reduce the time required for Administrators to track the customer reports and can automate the manual entry. The customer benefits are based on a reliable and transparent measurement of fat content and weight.

The simple technology used in this product has enabled the timely collection of milk and thus, generated higher profits for the producer, now paid well in time.

  • Measuring weight of milk with Electronic Weighing Scale
  • Fat testing using Milk-o-Tester
  • Capture of unique member ID by the PC software
  • Account Management
  • Timely Repayment of Money to farmers

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Develop New Features In School Management Software

Arth Infosoft is an India based outsource software solution company that combine both local and offshore software solutions to deliver high qualifying, timely and cost effective custom software development. We provide onestop software solution and industry application development and technical support to small and medium size of businesses globally.

EduWare a Unique Software for School introduce new feature in School Management Software which are calculate percentile rank cce report and Voice SMS Services. Eduware is first school software to introduce this facility.

In Voice SMS Service you can record your own voice using the EduWare software and this voice record will be send to the Parents mobile using Internet Call. In this Service you can record your own voice using the EduWare software and this voice record will be send to the Parents landline or mobile phone anywhere in India through our School Management Software voice calls service. Schools/Collages can utilize this Voice SMS facility for Student Birthday, Student Absent, Student Behavior, Any Emergency Notice etc...

Bulk Voice is a simple communications technology that blasts a recorded voice message to hundreds or even thousands of call recipients in a very short period of time. Often used for community alerts, notifications, in business applications or for promotional purposes.

Voice SMS facility is a Chargeable where you have to pay per Voice SMS. In conclusion once again by Voice SMS facility Eduware is sorting out the issues of Bulk Text SMS related to TRAI.

The system will also calculate the Percentile Ranking for every student as per the CBSE guidelines for Schools. Other details such as Name of Student, Date of Birth, Parents’ Name, Admission No., Interests and Hobbies are fetched into the CCE Card from the Learner’s Profile or Student Module of eduWare. It is different from percentage and sop, percentile gives an idea of RELATIVE performance with others and not how high you scored out of the total marks.

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation which has been recently introduced by CBSE is getting popular across all streams of School Education, and CCE covers all aspects of student’s development with both Formative and Summative Assessment.

CCE System of eduWare enables Teachers to track and analyze student’s performance and conduct real-time scholastic and co-scholastic assessments with Advanced Grading System as per the guidelines issued by CBSE.

This system will help Schools to generate CCE Report Cards dynamically for every student. EduWare will generate Report Card as per the format prescribed the CBSE with the School logo that can be printed and will also be sent as PDF to every student and parent through email.

Our software development lifecycle involves a number of subsets such as product conceptualizations, Identifying and designing key features, selecting architecture, development strategy, product localization, customization and implementation.

Arthinfosoft understand your school is different, so we built a highly flexible system that can stand up to unique and varying needs. Core functionality satisfies common requirements with additional options to define fields, track school-specific information, creates custom reports and much more. Arth InfoSoft Pvt. Ltd. Provide 24*7 Supports via phone/internet/onsite. We have implemented “eduWare” in more than 50 Schools across India.

Contact us for Custom Applications and Software Outsourcing services, Custom Software Development Solutions, Offshore Software Development Services which includes accounting applications for various business, Payroll and HR modules, Time and Attendance, Leave work flow etc. To know more about our product development services, please speak to our expert product engineers and developers or Email us at or call us at +91 9879310901.