Friday, 12 April 2013

Dairy Milk Collection Software by Arthinfosoft

In India traditional practice of milk collection by Cooperative societies includes, accepting milk by volumes, test out fat content on electronic milk-o-tester and enter the data manually in the member's card within limited time of milk collection. This often results in unreliable data. To cater this problem, Arth Infosoft has developed a unique system to automize milk procurement operations of village milk cooperative society.

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The Automatic Milk Collection System provides several advantages over the traditional manual method which was time consuming which ultimately resulted loss to cooperative societies and individuals. The vision milk management speeds up the entire process, thereby reducing the spoilage of milk. Wait time for the farmers decreases from 45 to 10 minutes. Automation of the measurements eliminates the potential for milk purchasers to misrepresent the quality of the milk and cheat farmers out of a fair price.

Our System maintains the individual customer records and bill details on a daily basis. Customers may now receive instant bill details for their milk, rather than waiting for days as under the previous system.

Easy Account Management

The system is designed to reduce the time required for Administrators to track the customer reports and can automate the manual entry. The customer benefits are based on a reliable and transparent measurement of fat content and weight.

The simple technology used in this product has enabled the timely collection of milk and thus, generated higher profits for the producer, now paid well in time.

  • Measuring weight of milk with Electronic Weighing Scale
  • Fat testing using Milk-o-Tester
  • Capture of unique member ID by the PC software
  • Account Management
  • Timely Repayment of Money to farmers

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